I'm new what can I expect?


First off, hello and welcome! Thank you so much for coming to my site.  If you are here it means a friend referred you, you found me through social media, or I may have directed you to my site as well, but regardless I am going to streamline this process for you.

If you are a color first time client I do recommend a 15 minute telephonic appoinment to go over your expectations and what it is you are looking for.  We can also do this appointment over text if that makes it easier for you as well.  There is no fee associated with this appointment. In person in always recommended as well, and no fee is associated with this service.

If you are a first time blonding client, I strongly recommend using b3 in your service.  B3 is a bonding treatment we mix with your lightener to ensure the least amount of breakage and keeps the hair strong and healthy.  Many times I have felt hair after using using b3 in my lightener and have felt as if the hair felt healthier than before we started.  Obviously, that's what happens on everyone but that is goals.  B3 is a $50 additional fee. 

If you are a first time extension appointment I do require an in person consultation appointment so we can color match your hair, and create the best possible match for you.  There is no fee associated with this appointment, however you will need to purchase the hair at this time if you would like to make your extension appointment. 

If you are a first time smoothing client (trissola, Brazilian blowout, or Keratin).  Please allow 2 hours for your service, although many times I finish sooner.  I strongly suggest after this service if you were thinking of getting a haircut this would be the time.  The smoothing service changes the texture of the hair allowing for some hair to lay not as evenly as before so waiting till your smoothing treatment is best.  

Next you will schedule your appointment.  You will receive a curtesy text message reminder from me regarding your appointment 3 days prior to your appointment time.  Please note this is not required but instead a curtesy.  If a no show or cancellation is made within the 24-48 hours of the time of the appoinment I do inact my cancellation policy of charging 50% of service cost to your account.  

On the day of your apointment I will greet you with a smile, offer you refreshments (once we allowed to do so becuase of covid), go over our plan and then proceed. I usually do work with an assistant, all assistants in the salon have already finished cosmetology school.  The assistants assist in making color, washing and blowdrying.  On bigger projects assistants do get their hands wet under supervision of a senior stylists to ensure the least amount of processing time for your hair allowing the least amount of damage. As I am working I will offer up any education you may need on products that would best suit your lifestyle, face structure and hair.

After our appointment if time allows I will then bring you outside to do a photo shoot, this is the fun part for you because then you get to see your hair in its finished form.  

You will hear from me a few more times after your appointment.  You will hear from me 2-3 days to ensure your experience was up to your expectations.  You will also hear from me when it is time to schedule out your next appointment.  

Please note I only schedule out my appointments 6 weeks ahead.  This is to minimize the number of times a rescheduling may happen.  If your appointment is after the 6 week mark, no worries, you will hear from me when your appointment time should be approaching and we can schedule then. 

Thank you again and I can't wait to play with your hair!




*If you feel sick please reschedule at your earliest convenience